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Topbrass Mischief Maker MH, WCX

Rascal is a NCL Carrier... 

We obtained Rascal as an older dog.  @ 4.5 years old.  She quickly completed her Master Title with easy.  She has been a great addition to our canine kids.  After having 3 litters out of  Q, Reboot and Cody that produced wonderful working dogs.  I am very fortunate that the 3 times Rascal was bred that we had selected NCL Clear dogs.  As NCL was identified at the time I bred her.  All her litters were on the ground.    

Fun facts:  I had taken a picture of Rascal as a 2 year old running in a Q at the GRCA National.  Little did I know she would be in my life in a short time.  The first hunt test I ran with her I entered Senior and Master at the same test.  She and I were still getting on the same page.  She failed the Senior in style - thinking the flyer was a poison bird. At the same test she did qualify in Master.  She was very animated at the line and I never had to worry about distance or water with her.  She has such heart and has a special place in mine.

She is now enjoying her retirement. (14.5 - 6/2022) - 

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