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Amateurs Jam in August 2021 making him QA2.    /  Jobs<click here for more info> relaxing at home


Goose is Pam's first derby dog, and he had an impressive derby career (5 ribbons in 9 trials), including: a JAM, a Reserve JAM, two 4th places, and an all-breed derby 1st! He ended his derby career with 7 points. 


Goose then quickly finished his MH title at 25 months old, going 5-for-5. He has been running Qualifying field trials and has Jammed multiple times. He has received a fourth, third and a second which gave him the QAA title. He has run a handful of Amateurs and Jammed in August 2021 making him QA2.   Goose is owner trained and handled. He was the recipient of the Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club's Mark Maisel Trophy in 2017, which recognizes the top junior (24 months of age and younger) dog for outstanding achievements in field areas of endeavor. In 2018 he received the Master Hunt Test trophy and the Derby trophy from the Maryland Retriever Club. In 2019 he attended the Master National in Cheraw, SC and passed. Goose is a high drive, biddable dog. He lives in the house with two other intact males and has a nice off switch in the house

Update:  1 Female Available

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